Language is a Key: embracing online format!

After our initial workshop in the Zvolen library received positive reviews, the second part was inevitable. It was held during the 14th and 15th of March 2022. Participants were eager to boost their communicative English skills, because they found it useful to be able to interact in English with their audience and guests from different cultural institutions during conferences, seminars and other events. But the epidemiological situation got worse…

Online activities of Thalia Teatro in Zvolen, which were held in March via an online platform, proved that nothing can stop people from getting new knowledge! Eleven participants who work in the Zvolen library took part in a series of online events, which aimed at developing communicative English skills using theatrical and non-verbal methods. The participants had to combine simple English, movement, dance or pantomime to convey their message. 

The application of different theatrical techniques, props and tools made learning fun for our participants. That is the idea of the project called Language is a key: English skills are an important part of the modern world, and improvement can be achieved without any pressure or discomfort. As an official Slovak partner of the project, Thalia Teatro brings drama methodology as a tool for improving communication skills. Online format seemed to be a challenge and required contribution from both the participants and the hosts, but everyone handled it well.

Language is a Key is a partnership between organizations from Slovakia (Thalia Teatro), Poland (Fundacja Active Kids ) and Lithuania (VšĮ „Eduplius“ – Edukacinė įmonė ). The project is supported by Erasmus+ programme.

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