reEDUCATEme! through the camera

When you connect life with theatre, still can connect nonformal and formal education. Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to introduce the 1st, 2nd and 3rd mobility of Erasmus+ KA2 project reEDUCATEme through videos! The project we organised in Poland (August 2019), Slovakia (February 2020), Bulgaria (August 2020). Partners in the project are Thalia Teatro (Slovakia), Fundacja Active Kids (Poland) and School of Tsar Simeon the Great in Vidin (Bulgaria)

Here you can watch short films about our mobilities, tutorials with theatre methodes, the process of testing methodes and suggestions how to use theatre methodology from nonformal education in formal education in videos Me as an educator. Also you can find suggestions for lessons (different fields) based on puppet theatre methodology.

We hope all materials will be usefull and inspirative for your work.

Videos: Archive of reEDUCATEme!


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