Online is also life if you are reEDUCATEd

reEDUCATEme! Slovak team of educators is on one wave. On-line world can be full of great people working in the field of art and school learning. Slovak participants of project reEDUCATEme decide to work with them online, despite of coronavirus and complicated situation in Slovakia during year 2020.

During the corona time we organised 2 online meetings of young poeple to prepare them for online dissemination in online „Slovak“ local environment. They share friendship and exchange of experience with people from schools and culural institutions in the central Slovakia. Our people work on dissemination of results of reEDUCATEme! project in a local community in Banska Bystrica region, in Slovakia, in different parts of region and different towns and villages.

After it they promote ICT tools, that are more usefull now because online education in Slovakia – corona surprised also formal education, but greatfull of reEDUCATEme we are ready to adapt to the new situation. Our young participants adapted more than better and support also others explaining lots of IT tools and their connection with theatre (movement, puppets, mime…). Few months communication between young people and between young people and schools is just online. reEDUCATeme is a example how to stay healthy and clever make progress in proffesional and personal life using theatre methodology (including breathing, improvisation, storytelling…) in formal sphere.

More information about project reEDUCATEme, supported by Erasmus+ programme as a strategic partnership you can find here

photo: archive of Thalia Teatro


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