The C: Midterm meeting in Krakow

The C project realized by three organizations, Thalia Teatro from Slovakia, Creative Reflex from Denmark, and Fundacja Innowacyjnej Edukacji from Poland is supported by Erasmus+ program. The representatives of partner organizations met in Krakow 24th – 26th of January 2022 to talk about the main activities of the project and plan the next two mobilities.

Thalia Teatro presented also information about local activities in Slovakia. Partner from Poland presented the short report from the National Agency in Poland. It helps us to follow our goals in the project. Partners decided to develop the website of the project with the articles connected with a theatre methodology that we use during the project. The representatives also started to plan mobility connected with puppetry and mobility connected with clownery.

The meeting in Krakow brought a possibility to discuss many things face to face and this is very important during the long-term project. After the meeting, all partners decide to do their best for common cooperation.



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