The C: Puppetry mobility

The mobility about the protection of forests. 6th – 14th April 2022. The C Project opened the doors for participants of three organizations, from Poland, Slovakia and Denmark. We open the topic of ecology with passion. Why? Because puppet theatre has a big chance to have an impact on the minds of people. Do you want to train puppetry with us? Read more. The C project is a strategic partnership of three organizations: Thalia Teatro from Slovakia, Creative Reflex from Denmark, Fundacja Innowacyjnej Edukacji as a coordinator from Poland and is a supported by Erasmus+ programme of European Union. The trainers of the mobility were Monika Necpalova and Evgeny Ibragimov. 
In the small beautiful mountain village of Murzasichle (Poland), the second Erasmus+ training course named Puppet IT held place. „During the project, we got more aware of the movements of our bodies and learned ways to animate each other through movement. We also gained basic knowledge on how to give anima (soul) to a non-living thing (a puppet) using movements and sounds,“ participants explain and continue: „This training course gave us a glimpse at creative visual art too. We made a variety of trees, which we then used as puppets and we made face masks using gypsum and paper mâché technique. We experienced interesting moments when we could try to be a puppet and puppeteer. We also relaxed and danced to the music.“
The mobility was about puppetry as a tool to create awareness about deforestation and the protection of forests. The C-project is a project that explores and communicates the potential of mime technique, puppetry, and clown to be able to inspire young people to take environmental action.
Text: Thalia Teatro 
Photo: The C

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