The Starting Line in Dragon City

The C Project is an international project, a strategic partnership, aimed mainly at theatre and ecology. It is organized by Fundacja Innowacyjnej Edukacji (Poland), Thalia Teatro (Slovakia), and Creative Reflex (Denmark), supported by Erasmus+.

The main topics of the project are nature and ecology and the way to protect it. The goal is presented it through clowns, mime, and puppets and is supposed to help to save our forests, oceans, fields, and animals. It develops the knowledge and awareness of current ecological thinking and connects the ecology with theatrical methods. The methodology is designed to develop the competencies of participants, increase their personal and professional development, increasing self-esteem, confidence, and employability.

The realization of the project started online and went through meetings focused on the preparation and during July 2021 the organizers decided to meet in Poland to discuss many upcoming activities which will be offered during the rest of 2021 and during the next year. The kick-off meeting took a place in the Polish city of Krakow between 2nd and 4th July 2021 and gathered partner organizations from all three countries. By the way, do you know one of the symbols of Krakow is a dragon? A historical place inspired all representatives of organizations to plan mobilities in the most interesting way. In addition, the discussion during the kick-off meeting included logistics planning and a number of economic and administrative responsibilities. 

We invite you to learn how to be kind to our planet and how to treat the Earth in the best way for us, which will enable us to preserve it for the next generations. Ecology belongs to the main topic these days and it’s very important to talk about it openly with young people so that they can change their habits before it’s too late.

The C Project connects three countries in Europe not just through ecology and theatre, but also through humor and a very pleasant atmosphere among the organizations and participants.



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