The C: CLOWN it! Mobility in Denmark

Denmark: 12/07 – 20/07/2022. We from Thalia Teatro, Slovakia, had the opportunity to participate in mobility in the Danish city of Jerslev. The third mobility in the idyllic Aasen Theater has been realized thanks to the support of Erasmus+. The mobility was a part of The C project – the strategic partnership of organisations from Slovakia, Poland, and Denmark. The aim of the mobility was to bring the participants closer to the dramatic art and the clowning technique.

The activities connected with the clowning methodology helped us not only to learn to work with the body from the physical side but also from the creative side. There was an investigation of one’s abilities and emotions, work with music, rhythm, and also the perception of oneself as a part of nature and society within various model situations. The activities were carried out in groups outside and in the theater building. All this helped to lead the participants to discover their „inner clown“. 

Another important component of the program was familiarization with the issue of environmental pollution, specifically the oceans and how it is largely affected by the use of plastics. We had the opportunity to discuss it and share our own experiences. As part of this, there was a trip to the city of Lokken, where we could, as clowns, point out how the problem of pollution affects each of us.

In addition, we had space for many exceptional leisure activities, such as a cultural evening, a juggling course, and the opportunity to creatively use waste to create a puppet. Also in general, we had the chance to meet many wonderful, inspiring people. The stay was also a new experience with tasting vegan cuisine. It all ended with the preparation of a performance, where we connected clowning with the issue of pollution, and in the end, we filmed it and published it on The C Project’s Facebook page.

Text and photo: Thalia Teatro

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